Ethylphenidate Research Chemical

Ethylphenidate is another chemical research compound that Research Chemistry can offer in three different forms – powder, pellets and crystals. In the past, we have noticed that all of these versions of EPD are in demand, and this has led us to expand our range in a similar manner for other product lines. Although it has only been available as a research chemical since 2011, we have conducted a number of our own investigations into this product, and we have noted a number of interesting chemical reactions. We noticed the stimulant properties of Ethylphenidate were considerable, but at the same time they were not on the same elevated level that can be observed during investigations involving Methylphenidate.

It is a dopamine and norepinephrine re-uptake inhibitor, and unlike other stimulant products in this category the speed of the reaction is reasonably swift – the reaction reaches its highest level of output within 1-3 hours. It can be difficult to maintain control of the chemical reaction within a lab when an excessive amount of EPD is analysed, and so for this reason it is a good idea to stick to smaller concentrations. The powder and crystal variations are particularly useful for obtaining a precise experiment quantity.

With a mere 30mg application of Ethylphenidate, it is possible to observe the lowest scale of a chemical reaction. The molecular structure of EPD is very similar to Methylphenidate, but the total length of its chemical reaction is a little shorter.

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