During the course of our own research, investigations and customer feedback gathering, we realised that there was a demand for ethylphenidate research chemical 50mg Pellets amongst more experienced researchers – we can offer this product to individuals that would rather conduct an experiment with this defined amount of the material. It shares a lot of characteristics with amphetamine substances, and these 50mg pellets should provide a sufficient amount of the product to observe a variety of outcomes – these effects can be observed without applying an excessive amount of the product during investigations. At Research Chemistry, we are pleased to offer this product in pellets form to scientists that are looking for a more convenient approach to conducting Ethylphenidate research.


At Research Chemistry, we have built up a reputation for always offering our customers versions of products that make experiments simpler and more convenient – our ethylphenidate 25mg Pellets have been formulated to provide an exact amount of the compound that can be analysed quickly and easily during the course of research. This product is offered as a part of our commitment to supplying research materials in a variety of forms, and this specific item should be more than capable of showing mild amphetamine-like results. For researchers that are looking to conduct initial experiments with a lower concentration of ethylphenidate, these 25mg formulations are ideal.

When conducting experiments with Ethylphenidate in various forms, scientists have noticed that crystals offer the greatest amount of flexibility in terms of not only adjusting the quantities, but also in the aesthetically pleasing shape that it takes. Labaratory experiments have shown reactions to occur similar to experiments with amthetamine and cathinone compounds that are now controlled, it is advisable to use small amounts during initial research to avoid any unnecessary issues with research equipment. During our own investigations, we have noticed that the effects of this product can last for anything between one and three hours, and these crystals are therefore ideal for chemists that are looking to compile results over this period of time.

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